In Search of the Adelie Penguin

The story of climate change is a complex one and can be told from innumerous perspectives. I traveled to Antarctica in March 2017 to learn about a unique, lesser known perspective: how was climate change affecting even the farthest reaches of the planet, where human activity is at a minimum.

The biggest lesson I learned was that climate change is not a uniform problem across the globe. For example, parts of Antarctica are warming at a rate six times faster than the rest of the planet, while other parts of Antarctica are remaining or increasingly cool.

Upon returning from my expedition, I decided to tell one story of climate change as it related to a specific penguin species. You can watch my short video, In Search of the Adelie Penguin, below. While a few friends got to watch a “premiere” of my video on Earth Day, I released the video to the world on April 29, 2017, the day of the People’s Climate March

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