Aerial Acrobats, Painted Bodies, and Meaningful Clothing – RAW Artists Take Over Washington DC

Just over a week ago I took part in an art show at Washington D.C.’s Howard Theatre. Hosted by the organization RAW Artists, the show featured musicians, artists, jewelry and clothing designers, and performers. 

RAW Artists is a nonprofit whose mission is to help new or amateur artists gain experience and exposure, and network with other creative minds by hosting art shows all over the country nearly every month. Their team found me via my Etsy shop last winter and asked if I’d be interested in participating in their shows. Uh, of course I would! What an honor! My first showcase was in New York City in April. Last week’s show at the Howard Theatre was my second RAW show, first in DC. 

The evening featured a diverse assortment of creativity and had such a positive energy. Though I’ve only participated in two RAW shows, I can safely say that the artists who participate share an enthusiasm, passion, and camaraderie with one another that’s unmatched. I respect their talent so much, especially as a novice to the art world. Painting for me is just a hobby, not something I practice consistently, so I often feel like I’m out of my league when speaking to “real” artists. But every RAW artist I’ve met has treated me with such respect that I really do feel like I’m part of their world. 

Last week’s show was no different, and similar to the show in New York, I also had friends who came out to support me, which is easily the best feeling ever. If I have the chance to be part of another RAW show, I will absolutely take the opportunity, though I know a few tweaks I’ll make in my preparation to make the experience even better for me and my supporters.

So while I’m still riding the high of the show, I encourage you to do something creative this week. Let your mind wander, where does it go? How would you describe those feelings or thoughts? Through words? Movement? Drawing? Photos? The options are limitless and never wrong or right. 

Check out some of the amazing artists and designers I met:

Behind the Facade Clothiers – clothing devoted to drawing attention to mental health issues

Painted Yoga Bodies

Mind of Society 


Thanks again to the friends who came to support my work. I’m sorry I didn’t get photos with everyone!

2 Replies to “Aerial Acrobats, Painted Bodies, and Meaningful Clothing – RAW Artists Take Over Washington DC”

  1. I’m so sorry I was unable to attend at the last minute. Please keep me informed of future events. You have wonderful creative positive energy.


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