Field Notes in Maine: Seabird Biology and Conservation Entry 1

Among the first views upon landing on Hog Island

For the next ten days I will be working on a remote island off the coast of Maine to support the restoration of Atlantic puffin and Arctic tern habitat. I’d been invited by the Hog Island Audubon Camp, an independent offshoot of the Audubon Society, to come to the island as a guest instructor for a Seabird Biology and Conservation Camp, of which my mom and aunt will be campers in! This will be my fifth time to the island, a pristine place open only to staff, volunteers, and campers, not the public. It will however be my first time visiting as a worker, not a camper. 

The week ahead will inevitably have a lot to offer,  so I’ll be posting updates on my Instagram and Facebook as often as the lack of cell service and wifi allow. You can (and should!) also follow Hog Island on social media for a more in depth look of what I’ll be supporting. 

You can read more Field Notes from 2017’s camp here: Entry 2 and Entry 3

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