Day 2 Road Trip-TShirt Series: Clothing for a Cause

For full description of this tshirt blogging series, please visit this page.

DAY 2: Manai Design 

Two super cool dudes with a love of the outdoors created Manai Design Co and I fell in love with their brand and mission instantly. They’ve created tshirts and memorabilia that are inspired by nature and perfect for your next road trip, hike, or outdoor outing. The profits earned from their “BeaUTAHful” stock support the Wild Utah Project, a group working to provide science-based strategies for wildlife and land conservation. This is so important because Utah, like most of the United States, is home to such diverse and vast ecological systems. As our planet’s climate is changing, rivers are drying up and droughts are becoming more prolonged in arid places like Utah, so we need positive action to fuel adaptation and mitigation. Wild Utah is comprised of a team that has long worked within the Utah conservation community and they “bridge the divide between scientific knowledge and public understanding by demonstrating collaborative expertise and tenacious persistence.”

As a lover of Utah’s great outdoors, I snagged a couple tshirts from Manai as soon as we connected. Today, I’m a brand ambassador for them and I couldn’t be more proud. If you want to get some BeaUTAHful clothing and accessories, use the code GoWander at checkout for a discount!

Follow Manai on Instagram for inspiration and some bea-utah-ful scenery.

*Note: While on my road trip, my BeaUTAHful tshirt received the most compliments of any other graphic tee! I also wore my Wildness is a Necessity shirt on the trip, which symbolizes the great wildernesses in the United States that need to be protected. Both shirts have a super comfy, lived-in feel to them.

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