Day 5 Road Trip-TShirt Series: Clothing for a Cause

For full description of this series, please click here.

DAY 5: Happy Earth Apparel

I remember coming across Happy Earth Apparel about two years ago. A Facebook ad popped up on my page with the line, “Clothes for conservation. For those who actually give a damn.” It was the first (and arguably the last) time I was impressed with Facebook’s ad placement. Fast forward to today, and I’m reppin’ their brand hard as an ambassador, and I’m honored and stoked to carry that title.

The team at Happy Earth is comprised of nature-loving scientists, advocates, and enthusiasts who want to encourage deeper, more meaningful discussion about protecting our natural world. So they created an organic clothing brand that expanded into accessories, gifts, and household items that can be used to fuel those discussions. All of their products are made by eco-friendly, energy efficient methods with no animal-based materials or byproducts and no artificial dyes. Their pledge to cause no unnecessary harm as a socially and environmentally responsible company is the definition of best practice.

To me, the coolest part about Happy Earth Apparel was that they give back 50% of net profits to conservation and sustainability projects. That means when I freshen up my wardrobe, I’m donating to a good cause each time. Double win.

So check them out, snag some swag, and use my discount code SavingTreesNSeas for 15% off your entire order. If nothing else, I recommend you start following them on Instagram and Facebook. Not only will you see my marvelous mug on their page from time to time, but you’ll get earthy updates and news about the environment!


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