Day 7 Road Trip-TShirt Series: Clothing for a Cause

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DAY 7: National Public Radio

Public radio is how I begin every day. Whether I’m in front of the mirror getting dressed, riding on the metro, or driving my car to work, I’m listening to the morning news. From breaking stories to long form investigations to the day’s economic outlook, I love that NPR and its member stations take me to new communities and countries and broaden my worldview. The news is presented in such a way that I’m prompted to ask questions and think critically, but it’s never too complex that I don’t understand.

NPR is one of, if not my most trusted news source. There is no bias, no political leaning; just honest reporting and investigation. That’s because its mission is to create a more informed public. And I feel better when I’m informed. Not only can I provide value to conversations, but I’m aware of what’s happening in the world, good and bad. With knowledge comes power so the saying goes, and I believe we all have the power to make the world a better place than we found it.

If you’ve never listened to NPR or a member station, I encourage you to turn your dial next time you’re in the car or instead of watching TV. From the TED Radio Hour, to Fresh Air, Up First, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Tiny Desk Concerts and so many more, you are sure to find something you’ll love.

These radio stations receive most of their funding from people like you and me, so they really depend on us to continue the coverage we grow accustomed to. So next time you hear those annoying pledge drives on your station (seriously, all I want in the morning is Steve Inskeep and coffee, not Member Matching), just donate. You’ll feel like such a do-gooder and you’ll definitely be making a huge difference.

Early morning in the desert is not the best lighting.

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