I Launched a Podcast!

Talking about animals and enjoying a glass of wine are two of my favorite activities, so when my friend Ashley invited me to co-host a podcast with her involving both, I responded with a resounding Yes!

This week, we launched The Watering Hole on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. In this first season, it’s a 10-episode series with new episodes releasing every Wednesday. In our episodes we each discuss a different animal species, from terrestrial to aquatic to aviary and everything in between. We chat about basic biology, habitat, threats, and conservation efforts…All while under the influence.

It’s wildlife with a tipsy twist!

You may have heard of Drunk History on TV, and this definitely has some parallels. We’re not biologists or experts, but we are passionate environmentalists and storytellers so our hope is to get people as excited about animals and protecting them as we are.

We close out each episode with a random animal selected from our “grab-bag,” or as we are endearingly referring to as our Mermaid’s Purse, which is filled with really weird creatures we’ve never even heard of. At this point in the episode, as we finish off the dregs of the wine bottle, we’re hoping for some loose and silly reactions to some of the strangest animals out there.

So pour yourself a glass, plug in those headphones, and come on this wild ride with us. And if you like the episodes, give us a good rating! It’ll help other people to find us and enjoy the stories too. For wildlife facts, photos, and behind-the-scenes details, you can follow us on Instagram @TheWateringHolePod

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