What Global Movements are Showing Us

Social and environmental justice movements right now are showing us the power of our collective voices and actions. These issues are deeply important, and while there is different gravity to various causes, there might be some parallels too. White people are becoming more aware of their privilege, of white supremacy, of how they can be *actively* anti-racist. Some people are educating themselves right now, because this is brand new to them. And that’s okay. Some people are in the streets, active in their support. And that’s great too. But what we’re seeing is that NONE of us can be complacent. We ALL need to be doing more; wherever we are on the scale.

Because I operate within the environmental movement, I see a possible parallel. Some people are carrying reusable water bottles, and that’s good. Some people are living zero-waste lives, and that’s great too. But we ALL need to be doing more.

These global movements are showing us that we can all pitch in, in different ways, and work toward a global solution. From supporting our healthcare workers and blue collar jobs during COVID-19, to fighting systemic racism, to combating climate change–we CAN work together, no matter where we come from. Not everyone is going to be a vocal activist, and we shouldn’t guilt one another for not doing what we think is the “right” way to participate. Because if we do, then we’re perpetuating this “us versus them” mentality. Instead, we gotta support one another in all our efforts.

Today’s #WorldOceansDay, and it’s the first year I live within walking distance of an ocean. I see floating plastic like I see racism. It’s fucking everywhere. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw my hands in the air and say it’s a lost cause. I’m gonna work harder, because that’s what the world deserves.

If you’re new to the movement, welcome. Get yourself a reusable water bottle from the team at Happy Earth and use MaggieD306 for 15% off. They’ll then donate the proceeds to cleaning plastic pollution. And avoiding single-use plastics like plastic water bottles is so important because the entire life cycle of something like bottled water requires fossil fuels which contributes to global warming and causes pollution. More than 17 million barrels of oil are needed to produce the US’s annual demand for bottled water. And when 86% of plastic bottles become garbage and litter, this is an easy way we CAN be part of the solution.


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