Why It Matters – A Blog Series

I give a damn about the planet, about the connectedness of the environment with our daily lives. And I want everyone else to give a damn. So I’ve come up with a blog series I’m calling #WhyItMatters about different elements of the environment and how they’re tied to us living full, equitable, healthy lives.

Each blog post will be accompanied by a post here on my Instagram (@mmdewane). The blogs will be short and digestible. The world is complex enough—nobody’s got time for a dissertation!—so I’ve tried to discern the high level stuff you need to know.

I’m excited and I hope you’ll follow along. 💙💚✌🏼

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The first topic I’m going to cover in my #WhyItMatters series is animals! I’m obviously obsessed with all wildlife (have you listened to my friend’s and my podcast, The Watering Hole, yet??) from the majestic and iconic to weird and freaky. And they’re all worth protecting and caring about equally. 

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