30 Days of Eco Tips and Climate Stories

Re-posted from my Instagram on April 1, 2021:

Happy Earth Month! For the next 30 days, I’m gonna post daily #EcoTips#ClimateStories, and fun #EarthFacts [on my instagram, @mmdewane].

Saving the planet isn’t on most people’s agendas and that’s cool (it’s hard enough to think about dinner tomorrow night, let alone think about the planet’s future), but the even cooler thing is that there really are so many of us on this blue dot, that every ONE can choose ways that work best for each of us to make an impact, and then we’ll have a better tomorrow for EVERYONE.

#WhyItMatters: The entire variety of life on earth—from mushrooms to minke whales, corals to cassowaries— make the planet *work* as we know it. We need everything to exist because of the intricate balance of life they create. If we throw that balance out of whack, if we lose elements of what makes our planet work, we threaten our own lives in the process.

So I hope you’ll follow along and #EarthIt with me. ✊🏼

The author outdoors wearing a baseball cap

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