Animals and wine. Two of my favorite things! So when my friend Ashley invited me to co-host a podcast with her that involved both, I responded with a resounding Yes!

We launched The Watering Hole (website here) on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Podbean and now YouTube. Each episode we discuss different animal species, from terrestrial to aquatic to aviary and everything in between. We chat about basic biology, habitat, threats, and conservation efforts…All while under the influence.

We’re not biologists or experts, but we are passionate environmentalists and storytellers, so our hope is that, in this silly way, people will become as excited about animals and their conservation as we are.

So pour yourself a glass, plug in those headphones, and come on this wild ride with us. If you like the episodes, give us a good rating! It’ll help other people to find us and enjoy the stories too. You can also follow us on Instagram @TheWateringHolePod for more wildlife facts, photos, and behind-the-scenes details.

It’s wildlife with a tipsy twist!
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